We only use real hair in our extensions!

All hair used in extensions at Richard Harrison Hair is of the highest grade and quality, ethically sourced from some of the leading hair suppliers around the world. All of the human hair used in our exclusive hair extensions is double drawn, resulting in thick extensions from base to tip.

Lesser quality extensions tend to look thin or “Wispy” at the ends, this is due to the extensions being made up of many different lengths of hair. Ours are guaranteed to maintain their thickness from root to tip.

We are not tied to any one hair extension supplier such as Cinderella Hair ExtensionsRacoon or Great Lengths. We are truly independent and can source hair that is most suitable for you, selecting from the finest European, Moldovan or Russian hair, matching the type needed to your exact requirements.

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When a hair extension provider is tied to one large manufacturer of hair extensions, they are usually required to use their products and brand name. This relationship can result in you receiving hair that may not necessarily be the best suited to your requirements, it’s just what they have in stock, plus the quality cannot be guaranteed all the time.

At Richard Harrison Hair, we use a range of ethical suppliers from around the world to ensure the hair extensions you receive is of the highest quality. We reject anything that falls below this mark. Our hair is also cuticle correct. Meaning all the cuticle ends of the hair (the side that is cut when collecting the hair) are intact and collected at the same root to tip direction.