As well as providing a full cost during your free consultation, we will also detail what after care maintenance costs you should expect to keep your hair extensions in tip top condition for months to come.

Note: Online prices are for guidance only, we will quote you exactly depending on weight, length and number of strands.


A deposit is required to be paid prior to your fitting appointment. Deposits are usually collected during your consultation, deposits are around 50% of the final price and are needed in cash or cleared funds prior to your fitting appointment.

Deposits are only refundable until the point at which your hair has been sourced and purchased, after this point deposits are non-refundable.

Maintenance & Tightening

Regular and timely maintenance appointments in conjunction with good a good home care regime are essential in maintaining your micro ring hair extensions to the best possible standard. In turn, this looks after the health of your hair and ultimately ensures your hair extensions last as long as possible.

I am committed to helping you ensure your micro ring hair extensions stay in tip-top condition, to do this I will send you regular check-up and maintenance appointment requests so that we can:

  • Check for natural hair shedding and matting (and advise on alternate home care if we see this happening)
  • Check for any tension points on your scalp
  • Tighten any loose micro rings
  • Re-install any that may have fallen out
  • Professionally finish your hair (cut, blend and style)

Regular maintenance appointments with me should be scheduled within 6 – 8 weeks of your initial fitting, check-up or previous maintenance appointment. I Will book these with you in advance, usually arranging you next appointment when we are with you.

To keep the pricing of aftercare maintenance arrangements simple we operate two price points, these being based on the number of extensions you had fitted initially:

Half Head – £50*
Full Head – £75*

*These prices are for maintenance only; if you require additional hair extensions fitting or more than 10% re-installing you would be charged re-installation fees.