Pre Bonded Hair Extensions

Invisible, natural looking micro ring hair extensions

Every single one of our hundreds of thousands of pre-bonded micro ring hair extensions is attached one by one, yes that’s micro strand by micro strand. Time-consuming, YES, but it gives the most natural-looking, feeling and flowing hair extensions so in our opinion the most sophisticated and safest hair extension technique available.

The micro strand hair extensions are attached to tiny triangular sections of hair, fixed in rows and secured in place around 1cm from your scalp using a tiny, silicone lined aluminium ring colour matched to your hair.

You can get cheaper micro rings that do not have the silicone lining, but I find this silicone makes a much tighter grip on the extension and section of hair without breaking your hair.

A tighter grip also prevents slippage during washing, brushing and styling, reducing the potential of your hair matting resulting in the need for more maintenance of your extensions.

Virtually Undetectable, when fitted professionally

All micro rings used are coloured to match your hair colour closely so again blending with your hair is seamless. This extension technique of applying lots of micro-fine individual strands creates a free-flowing hairstyle that looks, falls and behaves like real hair, giving it a natural look. It also allows the scalp to breathe, as not obstructed by thick weaves or other bulky types of hair extensions.