Micro ring hair extensions (can also be known as pre bonded hair extensions, micro loop hair extensions, micro bead hair extensions or stick-tip) are the quickest, most natural looking, pain-free and least damaging hair extensions available on the market today.

All micro rings used are coloured to match your hair colour closely so again blending with your hair is seamless.

This extension technique of applying lots of micro-fine individual strands creates a free-flowing hairstyle that looks, falls and behaves like real hair, giving it a natural look. It also allows the scalp to be able to breathe, as not obstructed by thick weaves or other bulky types of hair extensions.

Due to the superior quality of our micro ring hair extensions, when the small aluminium micro ring has been tightened and retightened they require replacing. However; the hair extension is reusable for us to 12 months, four re-applications with the correct aftercare and maintenance regime.