Professional Maintenance


Regular and timely aftercare appointments in conjunction with proper care at home is essential in maintaining your micro ring hair extensions to the best standard. These maintenance appointments promote the health of your hair and ultimately ensures your hair extensions last as long as possible.

I am committed to helping you ensure your micro ring hair extensions stay in tip-top condition, to do this I will make regular check-up and maintenance appointments with you so that we can:

  • Check for natural hair shedding and matting (and advise on alternate home care if we see this happening)
  • Check for any tension points on your scalp
  • Tighten any loose micro rings
  • Re-install any that may have fallen out
  • Professionally finish your hair (cut, blend and style)

Care At Home

To ensure your micro ring hair extensions last as long as possible and with the minimal of fuss, we have detailed below what homecare we recommend you follow. You will notice that a lot of this is pretty much what you would normally do in looking after your hair.

If an extension happens to fall out, which can be happen, don’t worry, just save the extensions (no need to save the micro ring) and it can be re-installed on your next maintenance appointment.

The most important piece of advice we can give when caring for micro ring hair extensions is ‘do not apply excessive tension‘ to your hair and extensions, whether through washing, brushing or styling. This tension accelerates natural hair shedding, resulting in hair matting, increasing the need for maintenance appointments.

Shampooing / washing

  • Always brush your hair gently but thoroughly before washing with a soft bristle brush or Tangle Teaser, this prevents any unnecessary matting when wet.
  • Wash your hair with your usual shampoo, our micro ring hair extensions use no glue or bond, you cannot loosen the bond by choosing the wrong shampoo.
  • Wash as you would your own hair, ensuring you shampoo thoroughly all over the scalp by using your fingers, moving from scalp to tips in a side to side motion. Apply more shampoo to the hair, allowing the shampoo and hair to move between your palms in a root to tip movement. Remember do not pull your hair!
  • Rinse away all traces of the shampoo then repeat the shampooing process and final rinse.
  • Always wash your hair in clean water (shower) not whilst in the bath using the water you’re sat in.
  • Try and keep you hair as clean as possible, whilst our micro rings are not affected by oil build-up on the hair, this build up does cause Additional matting which makes your maintenance appointments more often.
  • Wash your hair immediately after swimming.

Conditioning / Treatments

  • Unlike bonded hair, micro ring hair extensions again allow you to condition as you would normally.
  • Apply conditioner as you did shampoo, gently agitating it into your scalp and then using long strokes, applying it along the length of your hair between your palms.
  • Leave on for a few minutes then rinse thoroughly, finally gently squeeze to remove excess water.
  • As your micro ring hair extensions do not receive nutrients from your natural scalp oils, it is important to keep them well moisturised by using a good quality moisturising conditioner.
  • Additional deep conditioning treatments can be used, however; this is optional.


  • After washing, gently pat your hair with a towel to remove excess water. Do not rub vigorously as this will cause the hair to tangle.
  • Apply a leave in conditioner or serum to the hair while damp. This will make your hair easier to comb through when wet and help keep it moisturised.
  • Comb through wet hair using a wide toothed comb or Tangle Teaser.
  • Dry your hair immediately after washing. Blast off the roots first until bone dry.
  • Then blow the hair dry. Blast the hair until it is nearly dry. Always point the hairdryer down the hair shaft to smooth the hair and avoid tangling. Blow-dry the hair section by section, beginning at the bottom section working up the head methodically. Using a round brush or paddle brush and direct the brush and hairdryer down the hair to the ends.
  • If you are wearing wavy hair extensions and you would like to wear your hair with its natural wave, apply a curl enhancing product on damp hair, blast off the bonds, then scrunch dry hair with your fingers. Alternatively, tip your head upside down and hold your hair into a diffuser.
  • You may leave your hair to dry naturally, but the roots need to be dried to prevent unnecessary matting.
  • Never go to bed or sleep with damp or wet hair.

Brushing & Styling

  • Always use a soft bristle brush or Tangle Teaser to brush your hair, these soft bristles of these brushes gently move over your micro ring hair extensions without tugging on them, ultimately loosening them.
  • Always hold your hair when brushing to support the extensions and prevent causing strain on your natural hair and scalp, never tug the brush through your hair as you will cause unnecessary shedding and loosen your extensions.
  • Brush over the micro rings and scalp every day to prevent matting the roots. Lift up the top sections of hair to brush the rings underneath.
  • Only use a wide toothed comb or Tangle Teaser on wet hair. Brush/comb the hair in small sections, holding the hair and starting at the ends. If using a comb, do not comb over the rings as you will pull out the extensions and your own hair.
  • Never back-comb your hair extensions as this will cause matting which can be very difficult to remove.
  • When wearing your hair up, be careful not to tie the hair too tight as this will cause excess tension on your natural hair.
  • Unlike bonded or glued extensions micro ring hair extensions can be straightened with hot irons and you will not melt the ring as it is aluminium.

General Care

  • Every day it is vital that you separate the extensions at the root area with your fingers, making sure each one is hanging separately. This will prevent any matting from occurring at the roots where your own hair has naturally shed.
  • Gently plait the hair or tie loosely in a soft band or scrunchie before going to bed.
  • When wearing your hair up, be careful not to tie the hair too tight as this will cause excess tension on your natural hair.
  • Wear your hair up when swimming, keeping your hair out of the water as much as possible.
  • When on holiday, take particular care of your hair extensions by washing them regularly and keeping your hair out of the water as much as possible.