Expertly Fitted Extensions

Every single one of our hundreds of thousands of micro ring hair extensions is attached one by one, yes that’s micro strand by micro strand. Time-consuming, YES, but it gives the most natural-looking, feeling and flowing hair extensions so in my expert opinion the most sophisticated and safest hair extension technique available.

Micro ring hair extensions attached with micro rings is the only hair extension technique which uses no glue, bond, heat, stitching or chemicals in their fitting, maintenance or removal.

The micro strand hair extensions are attached to tiny triangular sections of hair, fixed in rows and secured in place around 1cm from your scalp using a little, silicone lined aluminium ring colour matched to your hair.

You can get cheaper micro rings that do not have the silicone lining, but I find this silicone makes a much tighter grip on the extension and section of hair without breaking your hair.

A tighter grip also prevents slippage during washing, brushing and styling, reducing the potential of your hair matting resulting in the need for more maintenance of your extensions.

Why individual pre-bonded strands?


This extension technique of applying lots of micro-fine individual strands creates a free-flowing hairstyle that looks, falls and behaves like real hair, giving it a natural look. It also allows the scalp to be able to breathe, as not obstructed by heavy weaves or other bulky types of hair extensions.

We use micro ring hair extensions with an innovative polymer-based bond to seal the cuticle end of each micro ring strand of hair.  They are pre-made and ready for application, no glue, no chemicals and no mess, just a tiny, colour matched aluminium micro ring.

The pre-bonded hair extensions also ensure that unnecessary hair shedding from the extensions don’t add to the natural hair shedding cycle of your hair, providing your extensions last longer and have less matting between maintenance appointments.

Even extensions attached with (allegedly) safe non-glue ‘keratin bond’ still require either heat or chemicals such as acetone to remove them. You use acetone to remove nail polish from you nails, now imagine what damage acetone does to you hair!

The micro ring hair extensions are secured around 1cm from the base of the root and your scalp, this allows the extension to fall flat. When laid flat your extension lies just as your own hair does, it also means it’s virtually undetectable. This gap also allows you own hair to grow uninterrupted and allows you scalp to breath.

Micro ring hair extensions are positioned carefully and strategically around your head, ensuring they remain completely undetectable and blend with the natural hair. At least an inch gap is left around the hairline and also (no go areas) are also avoided, so that you can wear your hair up and the extension links will not be seen.

Due to the extensions being so small and versatile we can fit them to short and fine styles a lot easier, with less damage and without a trace. Try doing that with bulky clip in, weft or weave extensions. Whatever your hair type, our hair extensions will always look completely natural, just as though it was your real hair.

Check out some of my clients, their testimonials and before and after shots.