Professional finish, cut and style

Hair Extension Technicians are not always stylists!

Even with the best application of hair extensions available, it is pointless without a professional finishing service. A professional finishing service is where your new extensions are cut to the exact length of your required style and blended into your hairstyle. 

Done correctly, this will make your hair extensions virtually undetectable, creating a naturally looking, flowing and feeling, professionally finished salon hairstyle.

Having micro ring hair extensions installed is just the beginning and you don’t have to be an exceptionally skilled hair stylist to fit micro ring hair extensions. The difference is obtained in the finishing, cutting and blending the hair extension into your existing hair is what makes your hairstyle look, feel natural and not noticeably like hair extensions.

We offer a full professional finishing service, not only after your initial hair extension fitting, but after each and every subsequent maintenance appointment, professionally maintaining your look for months. No additional money to pay, zilch, zero, nothing, nada. 

You can rest assured you will not get a better cut elsewhere, after all I have been a style director at TONI&GUY for over 13 years so a professional finish is guaranteed!