If you have short hair you may wish for long flowing locks that you can style in any way you desire. With hair extensions anything is possible.

Whilst there are many options of extensions on the market, Micro hair extensions are the best choice as they look natural, are the least damaging and blend in with your natural hair.

Richard Harrison Hair use only the finest European, Moldovan and Russian human hair in their extensions. Richard Harrison offer a first class service with free consultations, aftercare and maintenance appointments. The service is so tailored to you they will come to meet you at your home, or a venue of your choice to apply your extensions.

Micro ring hair extensions are the safest form of extensions as they do not require glue, heat bond or stitching to attach the hair to your head. Nor is any solvents or heat required in the removal of the extensions. Micro ring extensions use a polymer based bond which encapsulates each Micro ring so they are instantly read for application. You'll find that there is little to no matting of your hair extensions and natural hair as the pre-bonded extensions ensure that there's no unnecessary shedding which won't interrupt with the shedding of your own hair which allows the extensions to last longer. If you're concerned about people seeing the extensions when your hair is up you shouldn't worry as Richard Harrison hair always ensures an inch gap is left around the hairline to avoid visible extensions.

The extensions are attached one by one, which can be very time consuming but it is the best way at giving natural looking free flowing hair extensions. They are attached to tiny triangular sections of hair fixed in rows and secured in place using silicone lined aluminium ring colours that are matched to your hair. Whilst the silicone may make the process a little more expensive it allows a tighter grip which prevents slippage during washing, brushing and styling reducing the chance of your hair and the extensions matting together. They do not use a particular type of brand so they are able to prove constant quality hair products that are suited to you.

The hair Richard Harrison sources is of the finest quality and is sourced from leading hair suppliers all over the world. All the hair is double drawn which results in thick extensions from root to tip. If you use lesser quality extensions they may look thin or whispy at the end.

Whatever your shade of hair Richard Harrison Hair has over 50 vibrant colours and shades to choose from in 3 main textures, straight, wavy and curly. Whether you prefer super long extensions or shorter ones extensions are available from 14” up to 22”. The desired length will be decided on in your initial consultation.

You can find out more about Richard Harrison Hair and his team over at richardharrisonhair.com