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Micro ring hair extensions

The safe hair extensions

Micro ring (also known as micro bead) hair extensions are the quickest, most natural looking, pain-free and least damaging hair extensions available on the market today. No glue, heat, bond or chemicals are used! Suitable on all types of hair at least 4 inch in length, lasting up to 6 months with the correct after care and re-tightening regime.

At Richard Harrison Hair, micro ring hair extensions are our passion and it has been for the last 8 years. Using only the finest quality European, Moldovan and Russian natural human hair in our extensions we pride ourselves on offering not only a first class service but a personal one, as all of our free consultations and appointments are carried out right in your own home.


As we don’t have an expensive and flashy salon to fund we can guarantee that our micro ring hair extensions are some of the most affordable available on the market whilst not compromising on quality or un-paralleled customer service. This means you get a high quality, luxury salon results at an affordable rate in the comfort of your own home, or other chosen location.


Hair which is short or long, fine or thick, wavy, straight or the tightest curl, our micro ring hair extensions can be successfully and safely applied to virtually any type of hair using various fitting styles, without visible signs of extensions being fitted.

Our micro ring hair extensions are applied individually strand-by-strand and are secured to small sections of your own natural hair at the base, about 1cm from the scalp with a tiny, silicone lined aluminium ring. The ring is gently squeezed securing the extension to your natural hair safely, No Glue, bond, heat or chemicals and it takes virtually half the time to fit over other hair extension application techniques.

Depending on the thickness and density of your hair and what your desired end results are, we control the weight of each micro strand hair extension which is pre-bonded before being attached to your hair. This pre-bond ensure that you have next to no hair shedding from the extension itself, which would only add to the natural hair shedding of your own hair, accelerating the need for regular maintenance.


With a 10 year background in cutting-edge hair styling with one of the world’s leading hair design studios, we are dedicated to making women happy through transforming hair styles beautifully. Our micro hair extension, strand by strand application technique is not only one of the safest, non-damaging, most discreet methods, it also creates one that is natural and free-flowing giving the perfect illusion of natural hair.

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